Preparing For Your 40 Videography Session

You’re 40 Under 40 Videography Session is approaching, here are some helpful tips and information to prepare for the appointment:


We will be working with the Praxis Motion Pictures team to capture video footage of all 40 honorees to be used during the Award Ceremony and Celebration. As an honoree, after the ceremony, you’ll be able to download and use the category video for your own personal and professional profiles and needs. This is one of the most fun parts in preparation for the 40 Under 40 Awards Ceremony and Celebration!

 How to prepare and what to expect for your videography session:

  • Have fun and be yourself
  • You will not be asked to speak for the video recording, the recording is of simply “b-roll”
  • Dress … please dress as you normally would and how you’d like to be remembered in your category recognition video
  • While you are scheduled a 45 minute slot, it might take less than 45 minutes but not usually more
  • The videography crew is on a tight schedule, please try your best to be prompt and/or not keep them past your scheduled appointment
  • The videography crew will be looking to take b-roll that best resembles why you were nominated for a 2020 40 Under 40 Award
  • The videography crew will ask all those visible in the recording to sign a talent release form (if you’d like to print off and be prepared, that is great!)
  • The videography crew will be practicing all CDC recommendations to the best of their abilities. If your videography location has requirements in place, please let them know so they can abide and respect them. Masks and practicing CDC recommendations in the b-roll is perfectly ok!

If you have any questions leading up to your appointment, please do not hesitate to reach out via email at chair[at] Have fun recording!