Ifrah Assoweh

2023 Finest Under 40 Awardee


Multilingual Teacher

Lewiston Public Schools

Ifrah Assoweh is an exceptional ELL (English Language Learner) teacher who truly deserves recognition with a Finest Under 40 Award. Her skills, activities, and dedication to her students make her a standout candidate.

First and foremost, Ifrah possesses excellent communication skills, both in English and in multiple languages. This is crucial in effectively teaching and connecting with ELL students from diverse backgrounds. Her ability to understand and address the unique linguistic needs of each student is truly commendable.

Ifrah’s creativity in designing engaging activities for her students sets her apart. She understands that traditional teaching methods may not always be effective for ELL students, so she goes above and beyond to develop innovative ways to make learning English enjoyable and accessible. Whether it’s through interactive games, role-playing exercises, or multimedia presentations, Ifrah ensures that her students are actively participating and learning in a supportive environment.

Furthermore, Ifrah’s passion for her students’ success is evident in her commitment to continuous professional development. She stays updated on the latest research and best practices in language acquisition and incorporates them into her teaching strategies. She attends workshops and conferences, and actively seeks out new resources to enhance her teaching methods.

In addition to her exceptional teaching abilities, Ifrah is known for her dedication to fostering a welcoming and inclusive classroom environment. She creates a sense of community among her students, encouraging peer-to-peer interaction and collaboration. This not only facilitates language development but also promotes cultural understanding and appreciation.

Lastly, Ifrah’s impact extends beyond the classroom. She actively engages with parents and the wider community to promote the importance of language learning and advocate for ELL students’ needs. She organizes workshops and informational sessions, helping parents understand how they can support their children’s language development at home.

Overall, Ifrah Assoweh’s skills, activities, and dedication to her ELL students make her a truly deserving candidate for a Finest Under 40 Award. Her ability to connect with students, innovative teaching methods, ongoing professional development, inclusive classroom environment, and community engagement all highlight her outstanding contributions to the field of education.