Kristina Blais

2022 Finest Under 40 Awardee



Maine Basketball Club

Kristina was basically born with a basketball in her hand. She dominated her basketball career at Lewiston High School- being recruited by Central Maine Community College in her sophomore year! She earned the title of Defensive Player of the Tournament at the conference level championship. She then lead the college basketball team to win their first National Championship in 2017 (the first women’s college basketball team in all of Maine). After graduating from CMCC, she continued to make an impact at USM. After college, she became the owner of Maine Basketball Club! Growing up in the area it was important to her that she start a club in her hometown because she didn’t have one as a child. Her life revolves around training children to find their passion in basketball. She saved every penny she could, & teamed up with UBE Physical Therapy to open a court where children can spend their time playing basketball no matter the weather outside. It provides the kids an opportunity to learn morals, life lessons, and learn how to adapt to adversity to separate themselves in the classroom and their future. She was most recently named the varsity women’s head basketball coach at Edward Little High School.

-M. Plourde