Brandon Chaloux

2020 Nominee

Creative Geniuses

Deputy City Clerk

City of Auburn

Building & Stage Manager

Community Little Theatre

Nominator’s Comments:
“Brandon has two very critical positions – with CLT. First and foremost, he is the building manager, meaning he has to oversee daily this 100 year old building – and make sure everything is operating smoothly at all times. It is a tremendous amount of work and requires a very committed individual as this is strictly volunteer work. Brandon also trains ALL of our Stage Managers. They are the people responsible for keeping all productions moving properly and on time. No person under 30 has ever undertaken either of these positions before, much less both of them. It is a sign of Brandon’s skill and maturity that he does so as well as he does.” – J. Blanchette, Lewiston, Maine

Nominee is Honoree Badge