Brett Bisson

2020 Nominee

Emerging Leaders

Director of Sales & Marketing

Hilton Garden Inn Auburn Riverwatch

Nominator’s Comments:
“Brett has proven his leadership while being the Director of Sales role at the Hilton Garden Inn by bringing in record numbers in revenue.. He has won Manager of the Year award within the Hilton Garden Inn as well as employee of the month multiple times. His upbeat attitude and attention to the needs and wants of guests, coworkers, and employees allow him to be well liked and professional. He has been attending all of the L/A Metro Chamber events for a few years now. He has been a part of BNI and always wanting to progress in what he’s doing.” – M. Labonte, Auburn, Maine

“Brett has been promoted several times while working at the Hilton Garden Inn. Brett is always seen helping out in other departments while also being the Director of Sales. His presence and work ethic never goes unnoticed. Brett is also a member of the membership committee for the Chamber of Commerce. Brett is also part of the Maine Motor Coach Networking events. Brett’s leadership is a huge reason why he is the Director of Sales at the Hilton. He is a true role model for emerging leaders.” A. Brown, Auburn, Maine

Nominee is Honoree Badge