Chelsea Fournier

2017 Nominee


Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Top Gun Trainer-Facilitator & Personal Brand Coach

ChChelsea Fournier Online LLC

Nominator’s Comments:
“Chelsea was a huge part of the opening of her sister, Kim Jacques business, Revelation Message, which has become a positive success. She has worked with many start up small business in protecting their intellectual property. She is providing business coaching to her clients. Having been successful elsewhere, Chelsea has reestablished her business focus in the LA community. She was recruited to stand up the LAEGC Top Gun business coaching training sessions. She effectively developed the program from scratch and provided the training facilitation leadership skills, illustrative of her professional skills in curriculum development and commitment to serving others. Chelsea is an incredible source of inspiration working on multiple businesses and community initiatives. In January she launched a personal brand/entrepreneurial online coaching business. She’s unstoppable!”