Corrie Bernatchez

2018 Nominee



Top It Frozen Dessert Bar

Educational Technician

Sandcastle Clinical & Educational Services

Nominator’s Comments:
“I am nominating Corrie because at the young age of 21, working full time and going to school full time she decided she wanted to open a frozen yogurt bar in her home town, and she accomplished just that. Corrie’s frozen yogurt bar, Top It Frozen Dessert Bar was brainstormed in the middle of the night at her Aunt & Uncle’s house in Wisconsin after visiting a local frozen yogurt shop in the area. It was the night before we flew back to Maine when Corrie couldn’t fall asleep, she was too eager to share and brainstorm all the ideas that had clearly been running through her mind all day. Corrie has always loved ice cream and other frozen treats, we have a picture of her on the front steps of our home with her wooden Corrie’s Snack Shack filled with popsicles and treats selling for .25 to .75 cents to the neighborhood kids. Maybe she was born to be an entrepreneur all along.

When we arrived back to Maine Corrie didn’t waste any time researching and writing a business proposal. She struggled to find funding, being so young with little credit and savings made it difficult. Corrie met with the City of Auburn who then led her to Community Concepts and LAEGC. Between the three resources, myself, my husband, and her grandparents as guarantors Corrie received the funding to open Top It, it took her 6 months from the time she vocalized the idea to the time she signed the paperwork for the loans.

Corrie envisioned Top It as a family fun establishment where kids are one of the main focuses. With games on every table, coloring sheets, and a giant whiteboard wall kids definitely enjoy their time at Top It. It’s a place for family and friends to gather, put down their phones and play a friendly game of connect 4 or giant jenga to name just a few. It’s interactive since it’s self serve allowing customers to customize their dessert. Aside from the atmosphere and decor Corrie’s business participates in the Festival of Trees, hosts an annual Free Easter Egg Hunt, and puts on a free summer event to celebrate the store’s anniversary each year. Corrie has also participated in the downtown trick or treat events handing out free candy and frozen yogurt samples, had a float in the New Auburn Christmas parade passing out bubbles to the kids, and passed out free yogurt samples at an Advocates for Children event. Corrie does fundraising events at the shop and with her mobile cart for non profits and gives donations in the form of gift certificates for any fundraising event who approaches her. Opening her business on Main St in downtown Auburn was the cherry on top of her sundae! The location allows her to be a part of so many community events, The Great Falls Balloon Festival, The 4th of July Celebration, Winter Festival, Auburn’s Summer Festival, The Dempsey Challenge, The Auburn Community Band Performances, and National Night Out just to name some! Corrie actively participates by offering discounts to patrons, giveaway contests, games and or crafts for kids, as well as outdoor seating if the weather permits! This August will mark Corrie’s 5th year in business with Top It Frozen Dessert Bar.

She is a role model to her peers! She is a small business owner and works with preschool aged students with special needs. Corrie’s positivity is infectious and her goals to expand her business within the L/A community are impressive.”