Danielle Hirsh

2023 Nominee




She’s well trained and is centered around community.


She has taken the time to teach kids and build confidence in a whole new generation of creatives. She is bringing a new form of artistic creation to this community as a way for all who are willing to try it a way to build endurance, confidence, and artistic expression. She has classes and has become a staple within the community as a friendly fun force for the the arts in this community. She has put in a lot of hard work building her business up to become a place where those in the community can learn how to become a staple in this community.


Throughout my career, I have strived not only to excel in my own performances but also to share my knowledge and expertise with others. Teaching has been a rewarding aspect of my entrepreneurial journey, as I believe in empowering the next generation of artists and performers. Through teaching, I have witnessed the transformative power of the arts and the positive impact it can have on individuals and communities.