Grady Burns

2017 Nominee

Local Government & Civic Leaders

City Councilor

City of Auburn

Nominator’s Comments:
“I have never met anyone who cares more about the future of these two cities than Grady. I see it first hand every day. He is constantly thinking about not just what he can do as an individual, but how he can get others in the community involved too. He was raised here in Auburn and he intends to build his life here because he truthfully can not imagine doing so any other place. He loves these cities and the people in them.”

“Since I’ve known him, Grady Burns has been dedicated to being the most informed citizen he could be, and he has leveraged the responsible citizenship of his early 20s into vital leadership roles in L/A’s local government. He is currently serving his first term as an Auburn City Councilor, and he also balances this with work at a local law form, applications to law school, and dedicated advocacy in the Maine Democratic party. Specifically, Grady is president of the Maine Young Democrats and a supporting member of the Androscoggin Young Democrats, which he played an integral role in starting in February of this year.”

“Grady is a thoughtful, dedicated public servant and deserves some recognition for that!”