Hassan Bouh

2023 Nominee


Regional Trailer Asset Manager

Bison USA Transport

Executive Director

Caring hands initiative

Hassan Bouh is an outstanding individual who truly deserves recognition for his exceptional skills, activities, and contributions. As a Regional Trailer Asset Manager at Hartt Transportation for four years, Hassan demonstrated a remarkable ability to streamline operations and effectively manage trailer assets. His expertise in the transportation field has been instrumental in ensuring the smooth flow of operations.

Furthermore, his dedication to community service sets him apart as a true shining star. As the Executive Director of the Caring Hands Initiative nonprofit organization, Hassan has made a tremendous impact on the Lewiston and Auburn communities. Through his tireless efforts, he has improved the lives of countless individuals and has become a driving force for positive change.

Hassan’s passion for helping his local communities is evident in his involvement in various activities and initiatives. He has spearheaded numerous projects aimed at addressing the needs of vulnerable populations, organizing events, and providing support to those in need. His leadership and commitment to making a difference have been truly inspiring.

In addition to his professional and community achievements, Hassan exhibits a range of skills that make him an ideal candidate for the Finest Under 40 Award. His exceptional problem-solving abilities, creativity, and dedication to excellence have consistently set him apart. He is a natural leader who thrives in challenging situations and consistently delivers outstanding results.

Hassan’s ability to adapt to change, as demonstrated by his successful transition from Hartt Transportation to Bison USA Transport, showcases his resilience and ability to thrive in dynamic environments. He is a driven individual who constantly seeks opportunities for growth and improvement.

In summary, Hassan Bouh’s exceptional skills, activities, and dedication to his transportation field and local communities make him truly deserving of the Finest Under 40 Award. His passion, leadership, and commitment to making a positive impact set him apart as an exceptional individual who is making a difference in the lives of others.