Jim Martin

2023 Nominee


Chief Executive Officer

Community Concepts, Inc.

When I started at CCI, I had no idea who my boss would be, but little did I know how quickly those concerns would be put to rest as Jim took the helm of this organization! From the outset, his calm and welcoming demeanor was immediately felt as he went to work to change the culture and feel of the organization. His approachable and compassionate nature, coupled with his true desire to create a better world (starting here at home in Maine!) has resulted in stabilizing programs, and also creating new opportunities to serve the communities we live and work in. I have been an executive, worked in profit and non-profit organizations, and also worked as a consultant. I have seen and experienced my share of CEO’s. Jim is truly unlike any other! To say I have an inordinate amount of respect for him would be an understatement! It is actually a privilege to work for him and with him. And beyond that, he is just a remarkable person. I am nominating Jim for the 40 Over 40 because he epitomizes what not only an executive should aspire to be, but what a person should aspire to be at any age!

Jim is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Community Concepts, Inc. (CCI), a non-profit organization located in Lewiston, Maine. CCI serves primarily three counties in Western Maine by providing a host of housing, economic, and social services to about 20,000 individuals each year. CCI accomplishes its mission through the work of 230 team members, across 18 locations, within a budget of approximately $27 million dollars. Jim leads CCI by providing a vision of impact, broadening possibilities through partnerships, and creating a workplace culture of inclusivity.
Jim’s background is in clinical social work – a field that he has spent years building experience and expertise. Jim is versatile in his skillset and can perform direct-service work as evidenced by his time serving children and families in need of mental health treatment, as well as executive-level and public-sector leadership. All of Jim’s efforts and accomplishments have centered on supporting people and helping others become the best that they can be.