Katie Boss

2017 Nominee

Health & Wellness

Health Promotion Manager

Healthy Androscoggin

Nominator’s Comments:
“Katie has done extraordinary work through Healthy Androscoggin. Whether through her work helping reduce lead poisoning of our local children through work in the LA Lead Grant or developing a soon to launch edible Main Street project, Katie is committed to making LA a healthier place for all residents. In addition to her work at Healthy Androscoggin, Katie is on the board of GrowLA where she is committed to the redevelopment of Bates Mill 5 to be a vibrant part of our built environment and developing increased opportunities for active lifestyles on the LA area. Katie also recognizes the importance of health for herself and her family and is a member of the Hive. Through her work at the Hive she has been able to bring art back to being a regular part of her life while also contributing to downtown Lewiston’s economy through this the Hive’s awesome retail venue.”

“I love her commitment to the health of Lewiston.”