Matthew Boutwell aka “MattyB”

2017 Nominee

Creative Geniuses

On-Air Radio Personality

Gleason Media

Nominator’s Comments:
“Matty is an outstanding representative and a strong voice of L/A. I’ve interviewed with him several times on the radio, and he is one of the most professional, compassionate, and caring people I know. He has a unique talent to make “non-radio” people feel comfortable while on-air, and he can make everyone look/sound good during an on-air interview. Professionalism On Air as a Morning Radio Host and Sportscaster. He does a lot for the community through the radio station. Hearing some of the things he is able to put together at his place of work has been outstanding. MattyB recently awakened my love for local media. Since listening to his “Breakfast Club with MattyB” radio program, I have learned about many L/A business that I had no idea existed. His interviews are fun and interesting to listen to. He is a powerful voice in the community. He has also reawakened my love of sports and sports radio. Listening to a game without his voice just isn’t the same. Besides, he loves bacon and isn’t afraid to let you know it.”