Matthew Shaw

2017 Nominee

Emerging Leaders

Business Development Officer

Community Credit Union

Front Desk Agent/Manager On Duty

Hilton Garden Inn Auburn Riverwatch

Nominator’s Comments:
“I’m nominating Matt because he is involved in many Financial Literacy initiatives with Community Credit Union such as our PayDay Program at our Adopt A School Washburn Elementary, actively participates in Open Door Wednesday at Washburn Elementary monthly engaging parents in the Family Resource Center funded by a grant from Community Credit Union, Matt teaches several Keys to Financial Success classes at Central Maine Community College each semester. This is a financial literacy class geared toward college age students focusing on saving, lending, credit score, paying for college and more. He has been involved in several projects and mentoring programs with the Girls and Boys Club locally. He’s participated in the Norm Nolette Chapter of Credit Union’s Financial Fitness Fair, the LA Cash Coalition Super Saturday event as well as the 4th Grade Foresters program. He is excellent working with both adults and school aged members at these events. He values education, always looking to learn himself and encouraging others to do so and I think he’s deserving of this recognition.”

“Matt is involved in many organizations such as Auburn Business Association, Lewiston/Auburn Chamber, City of Lewiston Finance Committee, Maine Credit Union League Ending Hunger Campaign.  Matt is employed with Community Credit Union and Hilton Garden Inn Auburn Riverwatch.  Matt’s interaction with the public shows his dedication to culture and restaurants awareness.  As a leader Matt is a supporter of individuals growth through listening and help via teamwork rather than as an individual. He truly believes that praise and encouragement is crucial to team members growth and happiness. He will commonly put others and the community first before himself…making him an catalyst for change in our community and an emerging leader in my opinion.”

“Matthew takes on leadership roles directing all departments, not just the one he is in.  He takes an interest in the well being of the team as a whole, working hard to ensure the positive outcomes in different projects and goals.  As a mid-level manager, he is approachable and warm. ”

“As an individual Matthew is someone that is very involved in the community and holds down 3 jobs…Community CU, Hilton Garden Inn and recently is on the board with the City of Lewiston with their finance/budget committee. Matthew also attends all functions held by the L/A Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and the Auburn Business Association. He enjoys volunteering in the community and will give 100% when he does. He is a great leader in the community.”