Rebecca Ducharme

2022 Nominee


Pre-School Teacher

RSU #16, Elm Street School

Rebecca Ducharme has been a Pre-K teacher at Elm Street School for the past three years. During her time here, her impact has been profound. She has served on our leadership team and is a strong advocate for the social-emotional needs of our students. She has embraced her leadership role and has been stepping outside of her comfort zone by presenting to staff and to our district. She was recently asked to serve as a guest speaker for our district-wide new teacher orientation to help offer guidance, support, and direction to the newest members of our RSU 16 educator community. Rebecca loves her students and embraces each one as if they were her own! She understands the difference that a positive adult can make in the life of a child and she works incredibly hard to be that difference maker, and without a doubt, she truly is. She has made a difference in our school, her classroom, and our community. While she is not one to embrace taking on new challenges and stepping outside of her comfort zone naturally, she knows that making a difference in the lives of others requires us to push past our own self-doubt and do the work we know needs to be done. Simply put, Becca is a difference maker and her impact has been felt by many. I am truly honored to work alongside a teacher with such talent, grace, humility, and more importantly, humor.

-J. Madsen