Stephen Gilbert

2017 Nominee




Nominator’s Comments:
“Stephen’s hunger for helping businesses grow lends itself perfectly to his position as our CEO; there are few things he loves more than tackling the different challenges business presents. One of the best parts of his job is developing practical solutions to move businesses forward in a market that is rapidly transitioning towards a digital landscape.After getting his degree in electromechanical engineering and working as a front-end developer for a few years, Stephen felt compelled, at 22-years-old, to establish a full-service branding firm. Along with four other partners, he founded Anchour, which fortuitously combines almost all of his interests (except football) in one place. Stephen has led Anchour from a small boutique creative business to one of the fastest growing agencies in the northeast in three years.

Anchour’s revenue has grown by 150% since moving the business to Lewiston in 2016, despite staying small in size. Stephen’s business has worked with national brands like Sappi, Hewlett Packard, Newton, and TaskRabbit, and great local businesses like DaVinci’s, Baxter Brewing, Agren, St. Mary’s, and more. He has created full-time jobs for 10 employees and Anchour has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Apple, Walmart, and Sony.”