Allie Smith

2018 Nominee

Building LA

Director of Education

Healthy Homeworks

Education Specialist

New Beginnings

Nominator’s Comments:
“To know Allie Smith is a special experience to witness the bright future and possibility Lewiston offers. Allie has bold energy, positivity, intelligence, courage, and tenacity that she applies to every effort she pursues. Along side her mother, Allie dove into building the non-profit healthy homeworks to help residents learn basic carpentry skills through their build a bed program Allie is not just development director for the organization she also empowers residents through hands on teaching and curriculum development. As her love for downtown Lewiston grew, she seized the opportunity to purchase a condemned downtown apartment building and rehabbed the building not just for her own home but also to provide two additional safe and affordable housing units to the neighborhood. Allie’s awesomeness does not stop there. Allie applies her positivity to everything thing she does as well as her ability to teach. Allie naturally builds relationships wherever she goes and her positive demeanor is instantly spread to all she encounters. In addition to all the great things mentioned here, she also spends her days working with youth at risk and she is an artist.”