Amanda Rhodes

2021 Nominee

Local Heroes

Nominator’s Comments:
“Dr. Amanda Rhodes has been an integral part of Red Maple Audiology’s development of a local project “Hearing the Call – Red Maple Roots”. Hearing The Call – Red Maple Roots was founded to provide quality hearing healthcare to individuals in Androscoggin, Oxford, and Franklin counties. Through our campaign we provide services to members of our community who could not otherwise afford them. We hope to improve the quality of life for these individuals, while also giving them the opportunity to give back to the community. Our mission is to have a positive impact on the lives of individuals who do not currently have access to audiological services due to financial restrictions. Our vision is that no person is prevented from full participation in life due to hearing loss. We hope to shed a light on the need for affordable hearing healthcare in our community by providing audiological testing and hearing aids to income eligible individuals. Our promise is to strive everyday to enrich the lives of our patients while also improving the culture of our community.
Dr. Amanda has dedicated hours in helping plan and prepare for this local non-profit project, collect donations including hearing aid and monetary donations to move the project forward, and continues to show compassion while providing the highest quality hearing healthcare services for all regardless of circumstance.” – A. Vandiver, Turner, Maine