BJ Grondin

2021 Nominee


Performance Coach


Nominator’s Comments:
“BJ is such a dedicated and motivating trainer/performance coach. I came to him this past spring, after a hand surgery and he was able to take over where the OT had finished. He has prevented me from needing a second surgery on the other hand! He has not only assisted me in strengthening myself, he has worked with my 80 year old Auntie Cheryl to be able to walk more confidently and reduce her need to use her walker! He is acutely observant of how my gait has changed and helps me make corrections. He has assembled an upbeat and positively fabulous team at Prime 360. Plans are underway for a new training facility, and he has partnered to create a smoothie trailer, Smooth Ride Smoothies to bring his nutrition vision to the people! He has changed my life! I am very grateful and think more people should know what a talented man is available to help our community be stronger.” – S. Mahr Damien, Auburn, Maine