Danielle Eaton

2017 Nominee

Creative Geniuses

Marketing & PR Business Partner for Clinical Lines of Service

Spectrum Medical Group

Nominator’s Comments:
“Danielle made a splash in this community right out of college. Working at Encompass Marketing and volunteering at the local film festival kept her busy. She’s very quiet about all she does. Except when she gets onstage. Danielle was amazing in Community Little Theatre’s production on Chicago. She also regularly takes part in The Thread Theater at The Franco Center. So you can see the performing arts is part of her soul and I feel the part of any vibrant community. Danielle worked at Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice as the marketing Director and now works at Marketing & PR Business Partner for Clinical Lines of Service at Spectrum Medical Group. In both jobs she uses her creativity and energy to put on events and market her organizations. She just recently celebrated her birthday decided to mark the occasion by doing something truly kind and generous for others in need In lieu of gifts, she requested donations of diapers and wipes from friends and family to donate to Safe Voices. She dubbed her gift of giving mission #30gooddeeds. There are many more ways Danielle is fabulous but that’s just a few.”