Kelsey Poliquin

2023 Nominee


Education Technician/The Green Ladle’s Catering Coordinator/LRTC’s Student Services Support Team

Lewiston Public Schools/Lewiston Regional Technical Center

Kelsey’s passion for Lewiston Regional Technical Center is evident in all she does. Even when she is out with friends, she lights up when offered the occasion to talk about her beloved role with LRTC. From starting as a substitute teacher, to coordinating events, creating newsletters, show casing achievements of the programs, building a social media following, expanding recruitment, attending Nationals with students, and being a shoulder for the student – she truly carries so much love for her role. As a LHS graduate herself, she has given a new light to the world of education knowing how much we missed out on while in high school in LRTC and how much it opens worlds for students. Kelsey shares a fresh take on what the students want and honestly what the program needed. She continues to breathe life into the program by bringing real world experience and an eclectic perspective that truly reflects her drive to leave the best mark possible in all aspects of her work life. Kelsey is a wife and devoted mother of two, with an extremely active life outside of work, yet she always is thinking of ways to better the experience of the students at the heart of it all. She is truly someone to look up to in Lewiston-Auburn for all her work she has done and all she will do in the coming years. Kelsey continues to show a different path to professional success, one that doesn’t involve a college degree but rather creative spirit and true grit.