Kyle Howard

2023 Nominee

Best in TRADES


Genesis Electric

Kyle started his business, Genesis Electric, earlier this year with a vision to bring “light” to his community. Part of this vision involved being family-focused, fair, and kind while performing quality work for all of his customers. Kyle frequently takes the time to patiently show others how to prevent issues from happening, and he shows them how to perform tasks that are within their ability to do. He believes a successful job is one done correctly and that saves someone time and money and allows them to use those resources instead on family or in other ways. He always goes the extra mile and strives to make sure that he leaves others feeling encouraged and a bit more knowledgeable. Kyle knows that whether he works on a home or a local business that he’s really working for people who all have lives, ambitions, and stories; he knows that he’s making a difference for someone! Kyle believes that building relationships is the most important thing, but he doesn’t do it just because it’s “good business” — he does it because it’s genuinely who he is. Kyle also shares his gifts and skills by volunteering and teaching the basics of electrical at local country living workshops and at other events to equip people and strengthen an overall sense of community.