Nicole Mailhot

2018 Nominee

Emerging Leaders

VP, Marketing & Business Development
Dirigo FCU

Nominator’s Comments:
“Nicole is deserving of this award because she is an amazing leader not only in our workplace, but in our community and to her family. She has been in the banking industry for over 15 years and at our credit union for 5 years. She serves on our management team and is helping our credit union grow into one of the leading credit unions in Lewiston Auburn. She most recently managed the project of rebranding our credit union from Rainbow to Dirigo. She also manages all of our branch locations and overseas many staff who look to her for leadership and guidance. In addition, she has served on many boards and volunteers at nonprofits, most recently serving on the Franco Center Board of Directors, and volunteering for the Whitings farm to family project. In addition to her professional accomplishments she is the mother of four children (two of them under the age of one!!) and we all know that being a mom is the greatest leader there is.”