Sasha Vurnakes

2017 Nominee

Local Heroes


Sasha Lee's Romance Boutique

Nominator’s Comments:
“Sasha’s owns a romance boutique and for the third year now hosts a lingerie fashion show with a strong message #SexyAtAnySize building the confidence and self esteem to woman, younger woman and even younger girls that no matter your shape or size everyone is beautiful. Often young girls hear their mothers talk about how unhappy they are with how they look. Young girls hear that and start to create a complex about themselves. If more woman spoke optimistically and more confident is passes the self esteem down to the young girls or young woman. I know sh had made a HUGE difference in a lot of our lives and if it wasn’t for what she’s doing many woman would not have changed the way they see themselves and to me that’s heroic. I considered myself confident until last years audition and realized How many insecurities I had about myself until I did her show last year and it changed my life!”

“I am nominating Sasha for top 40 under 40 because she does a lot to boost the self esteem of local residents. Sasha teams up with other local businesses to host a huge fashion show every year where the models are everyday citizens that she helps through weeks of coaching to feel confident enough to walk on stage. She has used her boutique as a platform to speak about body positivity, self confidence, and empowerment.”

“She is a inspiration to people with her message, of acceptance that no matter your size, gender, sexual orientation, age, background, or nationality you are beautiful and amazing. She has inspired so many people with her message and through her annual lingerie fashion show.”