Tiana Lacombe

2023 Nominee


Associate Broker

Hearth and Key Realty

Tiana is exactly the kind of realtor everyone should have! She consistently provides people with resources, tips & tricks, and education in the real estate world. Her attitude & consistency really prove how passionate she is about that work she does. Not only is she great to her clients, but she is incredible to other real estate agents! Most people would see other real estate agents as competition, but Tiana does not see it that way. She has created her very own real estate guide that will walk a new (or old) realtor through the steps she’s taken to becoming successful. Tiana is the perfect example of a rising professional that is committed to bettering the community!


Tiana Lacombe is an inspiring leader in the L/A area real estate market. Her dedication to her clients and the community is outstanding. She’s always sharing tips for buying and selling on her Instagram as well as lending a helping hand to new realtors. This impressive mom, realtor, and social media genius is an inspiration to all who follow!