Zachary Pettengill

2018 Nominee

Local Government & Civic Leaders

Owner/School Manager

Pettengill Academy

Nominator’s Comments:
“Zack along with myself, have built a successful business in Lewiston Maine. Along with building the business he has become involved in local government starting with the Lewiston Planning Board and in 2017 running for ward 2 Lewiston City Council and winning. Zack shares a vision for Lewiston to be vibrant and happening. He believes in pro-business policies. He also envision a vibrant city that is pro- pedestrian/bike as well as a vibrant night life for its citizens. He shares the vision of revitalizing Bates Mill Number 5 and saw the value of giving a 3 year extension rather than the typical one year. He also serves on the Youth Advisory Council and Airport Board.”