Chantel Pettengill

2020 40 Under 40 Honoree

Local Government & Civic Leaders


Pettengill Academy

Chantel Pettengill’s job is to educate our children.

“I started my career teaching mathematics at Lewiston Middle School. After really feeling my philosophy of education did not match the policies set in place for public education and missing the opportunity to teach ‘littles’ I started my own childcare,” said Chantel.

“I operate a large center based educational childcare in Lewiston. I am responsible for many things such as supervising my leadership team, financials and business growth. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken a different approach to help our community. We have created virtual preschools and are now creating a ‘homeschool’ program for school age children who have parents who still need to go to work. Right now, it is all about supporting our community as we continue to operate our business.”

When asked if she lives, works, or plays in the LA area, she says, “All three!”

“I grew up in Monmouth but I came from a family of Lewiston small business owners, so I spent the majority of my childhood in L/A. My husband, Zack, is a lifelong resident of Lewiston and we choose to raise our family here.”

Her biggest passion is youth sports where she serves as the vice-president for softball with the Lewiston Baseball/Softball League. “Youth sports help shape our youth and offer so much into creating well rounded citizens.”

Chantel recently went back to dance with Mary Jane’s School of Dance. “I am not as coordinated as I once was, but it is fun!”