Michael Dostie

2018 40 Under 40 Honoree

Economic Development


J. Dostie Jewelers

Michael Dostie, Jeweler at J. Dostie Jewelers says he, “Wanted to drop out of college” before finishing his degree. With some support from his father who responded, “I’m coming into my busy season so, you’ll work for me,” Mike started with J. Dostie Jewelers 15 years ago and immediately fell in love with the jewelry industry. He notes, “I work with people on their most precious possessions, for their most memorable experiences. The other side of the jewelry industry is vast, technical, and ever evolving. You marry technologies that are hundreds of years old with new ones that are still in development.”

Mike made the transition from his father’s Portland location to the flagship store in Lewiston and says, “Every time I would visit Lewiston I could see the potential for a great downtown.” After getting involved in YPLAA he adds, “Community development became my new jam. I love the downtown and I love seeing it grow and evolve. One person can open a business, start a festival, coordinate an event, affect change. In a larger or more developed metropolitan city an individual is lost in the noise. Here it’s different.”

Mike’s community involvement echoes his passion. He was the founder of Art Walk Lewiston Auburn, served on the board of L/A Arts and initiated Icefest L/A; worked with the City on business friendly snow maintenance; serves on the Chamber’s board and recently started the Downtown Lewiston Association.

Ten years out he sees himself, “Standing in a economically thriving, prosperous, active, and fun downtown Lewiston. Hopefully doing what someone did for me–helping cultivate and inspire a new generation of leaders in this community.”