Tara Moore

2018 40 Under 40 Honoree


Special Education Teacher

McMahon Elementary of Lewiston Public Schools

Tara Moore is a special education teacher and part of “Team Smada” in the Lewiston Day Treatment Program for 5th and 6th grade students in all academic areas. Tara notes, “Our team is a place where everyone belongs. We accept each other, encourage each other, and support each other.” Students in her class have a variety of diagnoses which range from emotional disturbance to autism and struggle with self regulation skills and have limited coping strategies. She adds, “We coach students through difficult situations in a manner that keeps them and others safe as well as teaching them more appropriate ways to manage their emotions.”

Tara credits her mom with her decision to interview for the behavior program at McMahon Elementary School. She notes, “Since the first day of school during the 2001 school year I’ve been there ever since!”

Growing up in Greene led her to stay close to home. Tara adds, “I have lots of family, friends, and a great job that keeps me close to this area. I enjoy the area and all it offers. It’s tied to all of my fondest memories. I learned how to ski when I was young at Lost Valley. I learned how to drive around the side streets by Bates College. And I enjoy time with my friends at all the wonderful restaurants, including Grittys, Gippers, Davinci’s, and lobster from Larochelle’s.”

She supports Maine’s State Parks and beaches and her husband as a USMC reservist. Her concern is lack of funding for public schools and plans to stay with “Team Smada” to encourage her students to, “grow, learn, and believe in themselves.”