Justin Starbird

2018 40 Under 40 Honoree

Local Heroes

CEO, President

The Aebli Group

CEO and President at The Aebli Group, Justin Starbird oversees the direction of the company and helps set clear goals. Following his first job in timeshare sales, and combined with his experience at the Wharton School of Economics, his knowledge of marketing and sales led to his business philosophy of focusing on efficient and effective results.

From Poland, Justin was one of the last non-Auburn residents to graduate from Edward Little and after moving to Florida thought he would never return to Maine. He credits his wife for encouraging their return to raise children near his family, and notes, “Since planting roots in Mechanic Falls, we reinvented our business and have invested in living here, working here, and contributing to the ability to play here.”

Justin sees a strong sense of community in LA and says, “Having lived in New York City, Orlando, and California, community means something,” and he credits, “happenstance interactions every day as deepening relationships and creating experiences, which in turn strengthens the fabric of the community.”

Justin supports many causes but is a keen proponent of youth recreation and serves as the Director of the Mechanic Falls Recreation Committee. He says, “The hope that I have about the time I have invested in the recreation department is that the investment will come back in the form of kids that have grown up to be positive contributors to society.”

On LA’s future, Justin adds, ”To be here now is to be at the ground floor of a company that has all of the market winds at its back. There still needs execution, but all of the conditions are ripe for something great to happen!”