Stephannie Couture

2018 40 Under 40 Honoree



ACADIA Academy

Stephannie Couture teaches 4th grade at ACADIA Academy. She started teaching right after graduating from college in 2005. She notes, “I have journeyed through a few different schools and types of teaching jobs. I have spent the largest chunk of my teaching time working with students with behavioral and/or emotional challenges. My favorite parts of my career are the lasting relationships I have built with students and their parents.”

She says that teaching in Lewiston Auburn, “Offered a lot of extra opportunities for teachers compared to my former location. As populations were declining in my area, they were growing and thriving in Lewiston and Auburn.” Stephannie adds, “My husband has worked in Lewiston for over a decade as an Advanced EMT, and the stability of his job was enticing.” Though they have since moved north of the community, she says, “We both choose to travel the distance to work here despite the additional miles because we feel connected to these cities.”

Stephannie notes, “There is no monotony in Lewiston and Auburn. I also love how the local communities support their schools and students. The community has a definite vested interest in the future of LA.”

She supports the ASPCA and all of her pets are rescued animals. She adds, “Also, I believe in supporting and praising those who work in public service. I feel that Firefighters, EMS providers and Police Officers deserve everyone’s respect. I give blood regularly. I also mentor young women outside of my job, offering them a person who will not judge them.”

Her future holds a Masters in Education and she hopes to one day publish a novel.