Safiya Said Khalid

2018 40 Under 40 Honoree

Local Government & Civic Leaders

Field Organizer

Maine Democratic Party

Safiya Said Khalid served as a summer intern at the Department of Labor working in vocational rehabilitation. Her specific project was helping young teens with disabilities transition into the workforce. She recently graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology and minor in Business Administration. Safiya says, “I’m passionate about helping others and putting a smile on faces, which continues to motivate me further to support people.”

Safiya moved to Lewiston 13 years ago because of the community’s diversity and welcoming hands. She notes, “Lewiston is the only home I know and wouldn’t change it for the world. Lewiston is a beautiful city that takes care of its residents, not to mention it is a socially and politically progressive city.” She says that she loves how Lewiston Auburn challenges current issues, whether locally or nationally such as racism, hatred, ignorance and bigotry towards minorities. She says, “I love how beautiful Lewiston is during the summer with it’s gorgeous blue skies, and seeing kids from various walks of life playing basketball or soccer together.”

A volunteer at Tree Street Youth and the Lewiston Public Library, she is also Vice Chair of the Lewiston Democratic Party, encouraging young people to register to vote. Safiya has also helped organize peaceful gatherings to create solutions for a better, safer community for all residents. She says, “I know that through the quiet power of optimism, Lewiston Auburn can strengthen cross-cultural friendships and build a vibrant and exciting future together.”

Look for Safiya at the gym, George’s Pizza, Davinci’s Eatery or Mother India. Her future plans include living with her family in a big house with a cat and becoming a criminal defense attorney.