Rachel Nutting

2021 Nominee

Health & Wellness

Owner/Head Coach

CrossFit 196

Nominator’s Comments:
“Not only does Rachel take her coaching seriously, she has also helped so many members of the community over the years. Rachel is always looking for new ways to hold charity events helping a local cause, provides crossfit scholarships to help someone in need, and creates high school programs to help school athletes excel. Rachel has also worked with the Bates football team and local MMA fighters. Rachel is consistently learning, researching and coming up with new ways to not only improve her members health, but also others within the community. Rachel is driven to help anyone improve physically and emotionally. In past years I have watched Rachel shave her head for a member going through cystic fibrosis and lung cancer after her double lung transplant while holding a row a thon raising money for cystic fibrosis. She has also raised money for animals and continues to find new ways to help the community. Rachel is an inspiration to many and a valuable assist to our community.” – J. Tanguay, Auburn, Maine